Editor-in-Chief: Lisa Mangini earned her MFA at Southern Connecticut State University. She is the author of the poetry collection Bird Watching at the End of the World, as well as four chapbooks of poetry and short fiction. She founded Paper Nautilus in 2011. After six years in the corporate world, and one year living as an adjunct all over New England, she now teaches in the English department at The Pennsylvania State University. She lives in central Pennsylvania with her husband and cat.: http://lisamangini.wordpress.com/


Tatiana Jones

Susan Muth


3 Responses to “Staff”

  1. Marjorie Power said

    Thanks again for using my poem, “Up Late, Reading” in Paper Nautilus. I am thinking of entering your chapbook contest but would first like to know this: what size font do you use in the chapbooks? Your journal is lovely but my eyes – and those of many who like to read my work – are getting old! I’m afraid the font in the issue you sent me is a little small, if I’m going to enter the contest. Thanks in advance for getting back to me.

    • Marjorie, we would love to see your work for the chapbook collection. We normally print with a standard font (Times New Roman, Garamond, Georgia, etc.) between 11 and 13 point. I know that’s a bit small for some readers’ eyes – more often than not, my own eyes included! Once we select a winner, we’re always happy to work as closely with the writer as possible to make sure that they’re happy with the publication; if a writer wanted larger font for his/her chapbook, we’d try to come up with a solution that worked for everyone involved. Hope that helps!

      • Marjorie Power said

        Thanks, Lisa. Sorry I missed seeing this when you posted it. Much appreciated.

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