Announcing the 2020 Vella Chapbook Winners

October 30, 2020

After lots and lots of reading and deliberation, we are overjoyed to announce this year’s winners!

Juliana Chang.: Inheritance
Jason B. Crawford: Twerkable Moments
Sarah Nichols:
Press Play for Heartbreak
Marc Sheehan: The Civil War War

Additionally, we name 10% of our authors finalists. This year, out of over 210 entries, these are the 21 manuscripts we chose:

Khadija Anderson: Not My Hijab
Lisa Beans: And Just Like That
Gina Marie Bernard: Dauntless
Meriweather Clarke: Extended Voicemail to a Senator
Sarah Eddy: Ativan Poems
Ashley Evans: black has every right to be angry
Tyler Friend: ? Future ?
John Jodzio: Cornhole or Bags
Alexander Joseph: breakfast & dinner
Anna Leahy: What Happened Was:
Lisa Lopez Smith: Revel ations
Freesia McKee: We Finally Managed to Shut Down the Shining of the Moon: Letters to June Jordan
Charlene Moskal: Leavings from my Table
Sujash Purna: Epidemic of Nostalgia
Kevin Risner: Do Us a Favor
Esteban Rodriguez: Herencia
Christopher Rubio-Goldsmith: Curfew Dogs
Tina Schumann: Epistolarium. Letters to the Usual Suspects
Lanie Stabile: Armed with a Lampshade
Scott Wilson: The Competitive Cyclists Guide to Mycology
Iona Winter: Earth Bones

Thank you to every single person who took the leap to send us their work. (And extra thanks to those who have been waiting to hear these results since submitting their work back in January!)

We have one final title from 2019 we’re working to wrap up, as well as getting all the contest entry book orders shipped out! We hope everyone is healthy and well.


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