Announcing the 2020 Debut Chapbook Series Winners

October 8, 2020

After lots and lots of reading and deliberation, we are overjoyed to announce this year’s winners!

Sean Cho A.: Not Bilingual
Ja’net Danielo: The Song of Our Disappearing
Christen Kauffman:
Notes to a Mother God

Additionally, we name 10% of our authors finalists. This year, out of over 210 entries, these are the 21 manuscripts we chose:

Allison Albino: My Mother’s Prufrock
José A. Alcántara: God and Country
Brandon Alexander: Divinations
Yvonne Amey: The Best Tragedy We Could
Lisa Beans: And Just Like That
Juliana Chang: Inheritance
Megan Chiusaroli: Fleeting Signs of Life
Dan Dorman: Holy Book Centos
PB Johnson: Kudzu Stories
Deanna Kern Ludwin: Last Hope Province
Alexander Luft: Heirlooms: Stories
Adam McGee: My Father Pretends to Be a Ghost
Zackary Medlin: A Boy’s Guide to Decay
Jessica Morey-Collins: Power Plays
Pattie Palmer-Baker: The Color of Goodbye
William Quist: Shape of a Hole
Elena Ramirez-Gorski: La psicosis del repatriado
Danny Rivera: Ancestral Throat
Anna Sandy-Elrod: Sibyl With Frenzied Mouth
Sarah Stockton: The Scarecrow of My Former Self
Liam Strong: Ellipsis of Collision

Thank you to every single person who took the leap to send us their work. (And extra thanks to those who have been waiting to hear these results since submitting their work back in January!)

We have our Vella chapbooks to finish up reading and reviewing — as well as one final title from 2019 we’re working to wrap up! So, we hope to have some more big announcements coming soon!

One Response to “Announcing the 2020 Debut Chapbook Series Winners”

  1. Brenda Finnegan said

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest. Though my name is not among the winners this year, I will try again!

    Brenda Finnegan Ocean Springs, MS


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