Just a quick update

September 2, 2018

I hope everyone’s summer has been delightful, and that you are enjoying these last few weeks of it. I’ve been getting some email inquiries on chapbook submissions, and just want to reassure everyone. If your submission is in “Received,” it doesn’t mean I haven’t read or opened it, but rather than I haven’t used the comments or tagging or voting feature (and because I’m the only editor, I don’t always use those features, or will read something several times before I do). We did get nearly DOUBLE the submissions we typically receive — well over 400 — so results may be announced later than usual: hopefully by mid-October. I figured it would be best to make a note of my process and the current status, so that people who aren’t contacting me directly aren’t worrying silently. This is a process I take seriously and don’t want to rush, so I really appreciate your patience, especially when it can be so hard to wait to hear back! Thanks again for trusting me with your important work.

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