Summertime and the days (and to-do lists) are long

June 2, 2016

Like most small presses, we have been busy here at PN: all three of our 2015 Debut Series chapbook winners have been produced and released — and some have even sold out and gone into their second printing already! I was nervous about exploring handmade chapbooks, and there has definitely been a learning curve in figuring out the time constraints in sewing them by hand, but they ultimately appear to be some of our most successful titles. I couldn’t be more thrilled. We have two more 2015 Vella titles that are in very late stages of layout and just waiting for some final touches, and those should be available very soon, too.

Our 2016 chapbook contest period finished up in mid-May, and I am excited to begin reviewing the manuscripts we received. Entries were down probably about 35% from last year. I love being able to help support as many titles as possible, but having fewer to read and produce is likely a good thing, since this past year has been a bit overwhelming.

Submissions for our 2016 annual issue are open for roughly two more weeks, or until 6/15.

My amazing Co-Editor Talisha and I are working hard at getting the “Excavating Honesty” digital anthology closer. We have gotten some incredible work, and are anxious to finish deciding on submissions and make the final product available, as I’m sure all of the writers who’ve patiently waited on this project are as well. This has been a long work in progress, so thanks to all of you for hanging in there while we’ve been working towards making a strong collection. It means the world to us.

And another note on long delays, but directed toward general submissions to our annual issue: we have had some staff who needed to leave PN for various reasons, and the staff who remain with us, myself included, have day jobs and demanding, complex lives. None of us get paid to work on this journal or small press, but we do it out of a desire to support good writing and writers. So please bear with any backlogs and delays kindly — we’ve gotten a few nasty messages from writers who were unhappy about how long it’s taken to respond to their work. I am not, in general, a patient person, so I can understand the frustration at having to wait, especially with something so personal as one’s writing. Please just remember that there are real people at the other end of Submittable or an email you send (both at PN and other journals) who are not customer service bots, but are donating time to these publishing projects out of love.

Expect to see some updates on the final two 2015 Vella releases soon, and until then, I hope you all enjoy the long days of late light we get this time of year.

Lisa Mangini


2 Responses to “Summertime and the days (and to-do lists) are long”

  1. sandrasoli said

    Lisa, I am sorry to hear of the rude complaints PN has received from unprofessional people. Please know that most of us do understand the complexities involved and appreciate your dedication to excellence, especially those of us who have experience on both sides of the process. Warmly, Sandy Soli 

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  2. J. K. said

    We little poets absolutely understand the time dedication and the fact that running a small press doesn’t often pay enough to take up all attention–in fact, quite the opposite. Thank you for your resources and influence in our precious writing community.

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