Announcing the 2015 Vella Chapbook Winners

October 24, 2015

We know it’s been a longer wait for these results, and we thank you for your patience. This decision gets more difficult every year — and, thankfully, the contest generates more interest every year as well, which has allowed us to steadily expand how many titles we can take on. This year, we have four Vella Chapbook Winners, in alphabetical order:

Chance Operations – Jill Khoury
Girls on Film – Kathryn Kulpa
Weird Science – Christina Olson
Diminution – Charles Rafferty

Each year, we also name 10% of the manuscripts we receive as finalists, which are below, in alphabetical order:

RoofBoy Come Down – Rick Alley
17 Seventeen XVII – E. Kristin Anderson
The Fourth Nest – Sara Backer
Visible Light – Zoe Etkin
What the Moon Sees – Kathryn Kulpa
After the Creek – Autumn McClintock
Miranda in the Tower – Khristian Mecom
The Girl on the Bridge – Susan Morehouse
Dick Cheney Shot Me in the Face: Three Tales of Men in Pain – Timothy O’Leary
Maroon Angela Penaredondo
What is Reflected Susan Rukeyser
Sustenance – Sheila Squillante
Killing a Bird – Ryan Taylor
Wonderful – David Welch
What I Would Say if We Were to Drown Tonight in the Ocean – Sharla Yates

We received over 150 manuscripts for this contest. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to consider so many manuscripts, and to have been trusted with your work. Please know that many manuscripts that were not selected for publication or named as finalists were still highly moving, powerful, memorable, and compelling, and demonstrated excellence in craft. This was a very difficult decision to come to among so much excellent work.

We are in the early stages of formatting PN15, which we hope to release sometime around Thanksgiving. Once we finish up with our annual issue, we’ll be shifting out focus to getting these four titles (and our three Debut Series Winners) put into production.

Thank you, as always, for your support of Paper Nautilus, and please join me in congratulating the winners and finalists!

Lisa Mangini

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