Quick Update for 2015 Activities

October 5, 2015

We hope that everyone is beginning to enjoy fall, and that folks who are connected to academic life are settling into a good routine for this semester or school year.

This note is just to give a quick update that were are currently finalizing the works that will be included in our 2015 annual issue, and moving towards layout shortly.

We are also still working through the many lovely manuscripts received for the Vella Chapbook contest, and hope to have the results very soon. My goal is to have the winners and finalists announced before Halloween – which is still a long time to wait for those who sent to that contest when it first opened in mid-February – and hopefully earlier, if possible.

We are additionally working towards layout and production of our three Debut Series winners – Bernard Grant, Emily Moore, and Emily Webber – so stay tuned for more updates on when those are available.

Finally, we have our “Excavating Honesty” anthology that we’ll be reading for until November 1st. If you have literary work that addresses identity – particularly related to race, class, sexuality, and the like – and the complexity and difficult experiences surrounding it that might help foster understanding, please send it along to be considered for this collection.

So, we may be a little quieter on social media and updating fewer blog posts here, but know that we are busy working to keep up with all of these projects, and to continue bringing your incredible, powerful writing into the world. Thank you so much for your trust and patience and we strive to catch up!

Lisa Mangini


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