2014 Vella Chapbook Contest Winners and Finalists

January 9, 2015

It took longer than we wanted it to – in part, because of the impressive quality of the 150 entries we received – but we have the results for the 2014 Vella Chapbook Contest.

Because of the number of entries and overall success of Paper Nautilus this past year, we have the resources to support the publication of three manuscripts that we received during our submission period last May through August.

The chapbooks we’ll be publishing from the 2014 contest are:
Pictures from the Center of the Universe, by Allie Marini Batts
The Monster in the Mountain, by Johnathan Harper
Sterling, by Stephanie Dugger

Our finalists – our favorite 10% of the remaining entries – follow below, in no particular order:
Whatever Light Used to Be, by Dan Howell
Waiting for Pernod, by Mark Terrill
Passwords, by Heikki Huotari
Wildlife, by Monica Wendel
Living on Empty, by JoAnn Guernsey
Overwintering, by Maggie Cleveland
Song and Tornadoes, by Adam Tedesco
The Fourth Nest, by Sara Backer
water-bound by Peter Vanderberg
fluid., by Tammy Lynne Stoner
Swans, by Katie Berger
Umpteen, by Aaron Anstett
Nineteen Artifacts, or “Yesterday I Disassembled All My Furniture, So I’m Afraid I Can’t Offer You a Seat,” by Kayla Pongrac
Easing the Tightness of Braids, by Jo-Ann Reid
Object of Art, by Kate Schultz

As I have said in previous years’ contests, these decisions were very hard, and seem to get more challenging every year. There were so many other manuscripts worth recognizing – and publishing – and we wish we had the means to support many more than we can. Please know that, even if you manuscript was not selected or mentioned here, it was read with care and the value inherent in your hard work did not go unnoticed.

Thank you to all who entrusted us with your work, and we look forward to 2015’s submissions, and to bringing these three fine collections to you in the months to come.


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