Congratulations to the Nominees!

December 2, 2014

We’re sure most of you are familiar with the Pushcart Prize, which accepts works from small presses and magazines that were (or will be) published that calendar year, and that their deadline for nominations just passed on December 1st. Below is a list of six works we sent for consideration, which you can also find in the 2014 issue of Paper Nautilus in just a few short weeks!

“Sea Time” – Christine Marshall
“Parachutes” – Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco
“Farragut” – Monica Wendel
“Daddy dont go: a sestina” – Brock Avery Robinson
“Father at f:5.6” – Roger Leatherwood
“Balloon Belly” – Jennifer Gravley

Additionally, because we’re a publication based primarily in New England, we’re also invited to nominate to the Best Indie Lit New England (BILiNE) Anthology. This is their second edition, which includes works published between July 2012 through June 2014 – which means we could select up to three works of fiction and six works of poetry total from our last two issues. Our nominations include:

2012 issue:
“Because All of Life is Third Grade” – Jean LeBlanc (Poetry)
“Lost” – Melissa Reddish (Fiction)
“Music From a Small Planet” – Will Pewitt (Fiction)
“New Jersey Naiad” – Kelly McQuain (Poetry)

2013 issue:
“Emily as Some Smoke” – Darren Demaree (Poetry)
“Composed” – Caitlin Elizabeth Thompson (Poetry)
“I Dream My Mother Again” – Nancy Carol Moody (Poetry)
“More than a Matchstick” – Caitlin McGuire (Fiction)
“Self-Portrait as Bruise” – Quinton Hallett (Poetry)

We are so proud to continuously have so much talent in our issues, and hope to report back some good news in the next few months.


One Response to “Congratulations to the Nominees!”

  1. […] Paper Nautilus has nominated my “Father at f:5.6″ which will appear in their December issue for next year’s Pushcart Prize. […]

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