Wanted: Cover Art

September 24, 2013

Hi Folks,
We’re busy working on layout and the last of the submissions remaining from before September 1 for our 2013 issue, and also preparing our upcoming chapbooks, “Mother, Less Child” and “From the New World” to follow suit. Because we have three new publications to think about, we’ll also need three gorgeous pieces of art for their covers.

Please feel free to send us your artwork at https://papernautilus.submittable.com/submit/24072, as a new category on our Submittable. Because we only need three works, we’re not sure how long we’ll need to have this category open for, but we’re thinking it’ll probably be available for about a month or so.

We’re currently working on some big changes, but still have some details to iron out first. We think you’ll be happy with them, since they’re focused on creating more opportunities for our contributors and a more efficient method for us to get through the submissions. In the meantime, hope you’re enjoying the changing leaves this season.

Lisa Mangini


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