April 2, 2013

The bad news: we know our response time has been seriously lagging, and we’re sorry.

The good news: we received an incredible response to our last post asking for help, and now have seven additional staff to help with reading submissions, social media posts, and generally keeping things running smoothly. Thank you for everyone who reached out, and know that we appreciate your patience, support, generosity…really, you folks are too kind.

Please welcome Becky, Duncan, Kolleen, and JJ, who will be helping with poetry submissions (along with returning poetry editor, Joey), and Lauren, Rachel, and Rory, who will be helping with fiction submissions. For more information on these wonderful people, check out our new Staff page.

In other news, we are still finishing up some final details for the release of The Rules of Night Migration, by Pamela Gross, the winner of our first chapbook contest. While it’s a long and complex process to produce a chapbook, we’re really excited to be in the home stretch so you can enjoy this fine work, too. The end result of this process is so worth it, in fact, that you should be on the lookout for our next chapbook contest, which we expect to open in May or early June. More details and an official announcement to come soon – right after we catch up with all those submissions.

Lisa Mangini
Paper Nautilus


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