Summer updates

July 13, 2012

While summer is often seen as a time to relax by the pool or take vacations, we’re still finding lots of time to keep Paper Nautilus running smoothly to prepare for our big, exciting events in the fall.

General submissions close on August 31st. While the submissions manager is always open, the end of August is the cutoff to be included in the 2012 issue due out this fall. Joey and I are enjoying the many submissions we already have, and are always excited to read your fine work if you haven’t submitted yet this reading period.

Chapbook contest submissions are open until August 1st – that’s only about two weeks away, so please do send us your manuscripts soon!

Also, if you don’t already have a good feel for who we are or what we value at Paper Nautilus, feel free to check out our interview at Duotrope.

Paper Nautilus now has a Twitter account as well. We wanted to provide an additional outlet to communicate with all of you, so you can expect more updates to be channeled through Twitter in the future now, too.

Hope you’re all finding time to relax!

Paper Nautilus


2 Responses to “Summer updates”

  1. Nicholas V. Miele said

    If we have not heard anything back about submissions for the upcoming fall issue who should we contact to ask if our work (poetry) was rejected or not?


    Nicholas V. Miele

    • Thanks for contacting us, Nicholas. We are doing the best that we can to get through our submissions for the fall issue, but are running a bit behind schedule. We’ll be posting more information about our timeline for the next issue and other details shortly, but rest assured that your work is being carefully reviewed and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you have any other questions, please do email us at

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