New staff at Paper Nautilus

June 12, 2012

In just a little over a year, Paper Nautilus has grown in ways that I never anticipated or thought possible. When I initially decided to take on this project (or rather, the idea followed me around for months until I realized it was just something I needed to do), my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t receive enough submissions.

Sixteen months later, and we’ve received nearly 300 pieces of fiction and over 1700 poems. Paper Nautilus has been invited to submit work to the new anthology Best Indie Lit New England (BILiNE), and was recently contacted by New Pages because they were interested in listing us in their database. We recently announced our first chapbook contest, and are really energized and excited about this venture for us to support our community of fellow writers.

While all of this growth is very gratifying and thrilling, and there is much to be happy about at Paper Nautilus, it’s also a little…overwhelming? Which is why I’ve added a new member to the Paper Nautilus family, our new Assistant Poetry Editor, Joey Gould.

Joey is a talented poet, and has a great sensibility when it comes to examining the effectiveness of a poem. While Joey and I share many views on poetry, his aesthetics are a bit different from mine, and I think that will help make for a more well-rounded selection in this next issue (and also help keep the submission backlog in check). He has been a major advocate and source of support for the Massachusetts Poetry Festival for several years, is a devoted tutor at Framingham State University, and will put you to shame in Scrabble. Joey and I have workshopped each other’s work for many years, and if I can trust him with my own writing, I think he’s the best possible person to trust with yours.

Paper Nautilus


One Response to “New staff at Paper Nautilus”

  1. Vivianne said

    Lisa, congratulations on the rapid growth of Paper Nautilus. I’m not surprised, just happy that your being rewarded for your hard work and commitment. I have a feeling Joey and you are going to be a great team!

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