From North Coast to North Shore

March 5, 2012

While Paper Nautilus did not “officially” have a booth at the AWP conference that took place in Chicago last week, we did manage to squeeze a few issues on the corner of The Connecticut Review‘s table for those at the book fair passing by. I had some great conversations with fellow writers, and – as always – am impressed by the dedication, passion, and ingenuity of all the different publications I saw, as well as the folks presenting at the various events.

If you missed AWP this year, or are maybe experiencing some post-conference depression at having to return to normal life, you can still get excited for the 2012 Massachusetts Poetry Festival! The festival runs from April 20th – 22nd in the lovely North Shore area of Salem, MA. There will be workshops, readings, and a small press fair. Some folks in attendance will include Nikky Finney, Frank Bidart, Martha Collins, Joy Harjo, Robery Pinksy, Stephen Dunn, and many more. If you are local and looking to give back, they are also looking for volunteers. This event is truly not to be missed!

Also, be sure to take another look at the Featured Works section, which has been recently updated with some great stuff by Charles Rafferty and April Sopkin. After some trial-and-error (and more error – I am not so tech-savvy), I’ve found a way to give these selected gems a permanent fixture and also link to more than one at a time. So if you haven’t gotten your hands on an issue yet, go check out some favorites from the last issue.

Paper Nautilus


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