New “Featured Work” section!

January 7, 2012

Paper Nautilus is starting the new year with a new addition to our website: now under the “Featured Work” section in the menu bar above you can find exactly that – a selection of some of the fine poems, prose, and Aphorisms included in the pages of Paper Nautilus.

Since this is a new addition to the site, the approach is still a bit volatile until we determine what works best. For instance, featured work may only be located here for a few weeks, and then later refreshed with a different selection from the issue. Or, we may keep an ongoing collective of works here. But regardless of what method we find fits best, there will always be something worth reading (again) located here.

Our featured work right now is a poem by Colleen Michaels, “Bowing to Vines Out of Season.”

Also, past or potential contributors: Paper Nautilus is currently looking for your work for our 2012 issue! Head on over to our submission manager, and spread the word to all the writers in your life.

And remember that Paper Nautilus – like any independent literary publication – cannot exist without your support; this includes reading the magazine, sending us your work, and also purchasing an issue. For just $8 you can have well over 100 pages of innovative, powerful literature and help insure its future.

Many thanks,

Paper Nautilus


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