Darren Cormier: Wittgenstein the Photographer

November 21, 2011

It was brought to my attention that there’s an error in the 2011 issue that was just completed and mailed out. You’ll note that Darren Cormier is listed as a contributor in the back, but that I forgot to include his lovely work in the actual magazine! While Paper Nautilus has only one editor, and this editor has both a full time job and full time graduate school to tackle, I’m still completely embarrassed and recognize that such an oversight is unacceptable. I’ve recently had my own work accepted and then forgotten by a magazine, so I can say with experience that’s it’s a huge disappointment.

Which is why I’m going to share with all of you here the piece that should’ve been included under the Aphorisms section in the 2011 issue:

Wittgenstein the Photographer
Darren Cormier

He adjusts the lens and says to the fidgeting subject on the chair, “Don’t worry. The camera only adds about 20 pounds of torment.”

For anyone who has been curious or confused about what exactly an “Aphorism” was supposed to be in terms of our submission guidelines, Darren’s piece above captures it nicely: a bold statement made concisely with various levels of potential meaning. “Wittgenstein the Photographer” will be included in the next issue of Paper Nautilus, but I thought it was important to share Darren’s work here as well.

And since this mishap has got me thinking about it, in the future I’ll periodically be posting a selection of works from the 2011 issue, just because they’re all really fine pieces of writing, and who doesn’t like more of that?

Have a great holiday weekend, folks.

Paper Nautilus


2 Responses to “Darren Cormier: Wittgenstein the Photographer”

  1. Marjorie Power said

    While I have never had work accepted and then forgotten, I once had a poem accepted and then rejected some months later. The story was that the editor who accepted it was killed in a snow shoeing accident and the new editor didn’t like the poem well enough to publish. Go figure.

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