Submission Guidelines

February 15, 2011

Submission Guidelines:

Our only criteria is quality, so whether you specialize in hybrid genres, minimalist experimental short stories, or 100% true-to-classic-form sonnets, if it’s done well, we want to see it.  We believe that in literature — like in most situations — variety is a plus, and gravitate toward to the idea of being dynamic, eclectic, and refreshing with our selections.

Of course, there are some restrictions.  We cannot accept any previously published works; we obtain First Edition Serial rights, so all rights will revert back to the author upon publication in Paper Nautilus.  We currently do not accept the following: creative non-fiction, translations, drama (plays), book reviews, or interviews.  If you are interested in sharing your artwork with us, please query via email, as the only art we feature is what we display on our cover each issue.

Poetry: up to five poems, no more than seven pages total, per submission.

Fiction: a maximum of 6500 words.  This can be one long piece, or several short pieces.  Please double-space your work, in 10 – 12 point font.

Aphorisms: how much literature can fit in a standard text message?  You get 160 glorious characters of space to use as profoundly as you can for the body of your submission.  If you’re skeptical of the parameters, consider that Ezra Pound’s “In a Station at the Metro” could fit within these guidelines twice.  You may enter a maximum of 10 aphorisms per submission.

Please submit only once per genre during each submission period (09/01 – 08/31); multiple submissions received after the initial submission will not be read or replied to.

Please be advised that, while submissions are accepted year-round, our response time varies seasonally, with October – January having the slowest response time.

Simultaneous submissions are OK, so long as you inform us in the comments section of our submissions manager. If your work is accepted elsewhere first and is no longer available, congratulations!  We’re really excited for you!  Just please remember to remove that piece from our submissions manager.


One Response to “Submission Guidelines”

  1. Paul Sohar said

    Sounds exciting. I will try to negotiate your submission site with aphorisms on the subject of Men, Women and Children. I have published a collection on Wisdom (Rogue Scholar) and another on Culture (Big Open World).
    Paul Sohar

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